For each subscribed user on Office 365, there is an Exchange Online mailbox provisioned.  You can connect to this mailbox using Microsoft Outlook.

This post will explain how to configure Microsoft Outlook for your Exchange Online mailbox.  It assumes you have already installed the Office applications on your Windows desktop or laptop.  Some familiarity with Windows is required in order to be able to follow the steps.

You will need your Office 365 Portal username and password in order to complete this tutorial.  This will have been provided to you by Demotic.  For example:

Password: ZzfnHp;u=.G5WH~%p71d

Due to an issue with the Autodiscover functionality in Microsoft Outlook, it is recommended that you add the following registry patch.  This prevents Outlook trying to find autodiscover information at the root of the domain (for example, at but instead only at


A .REG file can be downloaded here.

Download the file and double-click it to merge it into the registry.  You will receive a User Account Control prompt from program “Registry Editor” and publisher “Microsoft Windows”.  Click “Yes” to allow the change.  Registry Editor will then warn you that merging files into the registry could be harmful.  If you wish to continue, click “Yes”.

When you launch Microsoft Outlook for the first time, you will be presented with a wizard to help you set up your account.  Click “Next”.


If you have already set up Outlook previously, you may not enter the first run wizard.  In this case, click “FILE” at the top left of the Outlook window, then click “Add Account”.

Select “Yes” and click “Next” to set up a new email account.


Enter your name, your email address (your Office 365 Portal username) and password (your Office 365 Portal password) and click “Next”.


Wait for a few moments while Outlook connects to the server and retrieves your account settings.


When prompted, re-enter your Office 365 Portal username and password.  Tick “Remember my credentials” to stop Outlook prompting you for the username and password every time you connect.


Your mailbox will be set up.  Click “Finish”.


It may take Outlook a few moments to set up a local copy of your mailbox.  In the tree on the left-hand side you will see your email address and the various mailbox folders underneath.  If you have permissions to any shared mailboxes within your Exchange Online organisation, Outlook will have automatically set these up.  In the example below there is a mailbox named “Info” in the tree.  This can be expanded to see the folders underneath.


Your mailbox is now set up.